The Transaction Mercantile approach has been developed by a highly experienced commercial team. Each member has specialist knowledge either of trade or structured finance, insurance, risk management and the economic and liquidity considerations in large scale projects and supply chain management.

Collectively we have all experienced the frustrations in resolving a core inherent conflict in commercial transaction financing. This conflict is between the financial perceived risk and the commercial reality that no profit is possible without some risk. The management skill is to identify the actual risks, mitigate these, and manage them away.

Our experience of these very real challenges has shaped our "financial logistics" methodology which both identifies the real commercial risks and mitigates these by applying a hybrid solution of risk transfer techniques and perfecting new security to deliver a bankable proposition to our partner funding institutions.

  • Warren Deans - Extensive specialist knowledge in the supply chain financing and international trade finance sectors. Has detailed experience in trade offset arrangements and has worked widely across the property, media and commodity trading sectors.

  • Paul Beard - Extensive senior management experience in multinational technology businesses followed by many years of working with SMEs as entrepreneur, advisor and provider of trade and transactional finance using enhanced receivable discounting techniques. Also works extensively in the insurance market developing risk mitigation solutions in which role he is a CF1 Approved Person by the FSA.