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Xaction Mercantile Financial Logistics brings together all of the elements to operate a secure rapid settlement 'purchase to payment' platform.

Buyers and Suppliers focus on the purchase and delivery of goods and services using their existing procurement policies and performance arrangements.

Transaction Mercantile manages the operation of a document exchange which accepts existing electronic or paper communications in whatever format is currently used by Buyer and Supplier to enable ordering and invoicing; matching and checking these against a documented standard ready for settlement approval.

Transaction Mercantile 'securitises' each transaction and ensures that the funds to provide cash settlement are available from credit institutions to settle the Supplier once the goods or services have been accepted by the Buyer.

The actual 'pay away' to Suppliers and subsequent Buyer 'settlement' are moved directly through the clearing bank system to ensure independent scrutiny and control.

Every payment requires verified approval from 5 independent authorities: Buyer - Supplier - Bank - Credit Insurer - Transaction Mercantile.

The Xaction Mercantile Financial Logistics system delivers a flexible, scaleable, and secure settlement system injecting additional cash into a supply chain benefiting both Supplier and Buyer.